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3 Yoga Poses For the Chakras that Provide Moments of Rest

Dr. KAY standing on a blue yoga mat

Hope is found in moments of rest. Yoga provides me the opportunity to find space in my spine, in my heart, and in my soul. As a Latina, I often feel that I am carrying the hopes and dreams of my ancestors. The spaces I occupy are not meant for people like me, and it’s more important than ever to name the injustices Latina BI&POC womxn+ face daily. La brega (struggle) is always there no matter what. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to find moments of rest.

1. Camel Pose

Yoga philosophy teaches us spine holds the Brahma Nadi (the location where the chakras are chillin’). My favorite moments of rest are when I am able to flex my spine in a yoga backbend like camel. Each of the vertebrae stretches and finds just a bit of extra space. The breath I bring in during the pose fills those spaces con la energia I need to let go of the crap I may be carrying for the day.

2. Fish Pose

My heart finds rest when I have the opportunity to sit and watch my child laugh. I try to put my phone down (IG DMs be poppin’ sometimes) and just watch him. I will invite him to do some a yoga like Matsyasana (fish pose). He will lay on my heart and I extend it to the sky. Y el me dice, “mama, I wuv you." In some form or fashion, I find a moment of rest daily with mi nene lindo. Together we open mi chacra del corazón through yoga.

3. Corpse Pose

My soul is fueled by the space of total rest I can find in my yoga practice. Savasana (corpse pose) is my favorite pose to enjoy a break from la brega. When I am in Savasana after a beautiful asana practice I feel light. Mi corazon, mind, and body are all one. My crown chakra is open to the love and kindness I deserve. That is the strength that is demonstrated through a yoga practice.

Do you have to do yoga EVERY DAY to find rest?

No me diga… I actually do moments of rest every day? Nah! Let’s be honest sometimes the day gets away from me, or I just want to veg reading a good book, or I am trapped under a sleeping baby who I would rather hold than put into bed.

So, these moments of rest are more and more important. The space I create in my spine, heart, and soul gives me the way forward to know what’s good. Sigo con la brega fighting for justice and honoring the ancestors whose hopes and dreams I carry.

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