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Grab Your Cafecito for Some Chisme

Wellness Chisme Chat is a podcast where guests co-create a space to share how they incorporate wellness into their lives from a Latina and Women of Color perspective. We may experience pain, trauma, and hardships as we work to build a more equitable world. That's why it's more important than ever to build a space we can post up with our cafecito to center how we care for ourselves, the community, and the world.

Season 3

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This season you will hear a bit more about my journey with cervical cancer. I want to talk about these medical and health situations that sometimes seem taboo. As Latinas, we don't like talking about death in nuestra comunidad, pero we also don't do enough to talk about prevention to make sure we can live those long lives. Join me as we speak with a mixture of people who share what their journey was like managing wellness, medical and health situations over a cafecito chit chat. 

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Season 2

Guests are invited to share what wellness means to them. Join us in telling the testimonios of how Lastinas find wellness in our own ways.

Ep. 11
From Marriage to Forming a Familia Grounded in Wellness

Guests: Maritza Diaz-Ott

& Robert Ott

As a recently married couple, they share what wellness means to them as they form a family unit and honor each other's individual needs. The convo gets real when we talk about our cafecito choices! 

Maritza and Robert Ott _Photo by Matt Dutiel.jpg

Ep. 12
Community Brings People Together Through Their Breaking Points 

Guest: Blanca Rangel

The creator behind the popular Instagram account @firstgensurvivalguide supports students who are the first in their families to go to college and graduates who are now first-generation professionals.


Ep. 13
I am ok, you are ok, we are ok with Mariela Quintanilla

Mariela Quintanilla who helps Latina's visualize their dream and convert them into simple daily steps/ayuda a Latinas a visualizar sus sueños y convertirlos en realidad con simples pasos diarios.

Naomi Hutchinson.jpeg

Ep. 14
Maybe that is not for you with Naomi Hutchinson

Naomi Hutchinson, founder of the holistic health and wellness company Healty+Well. The conversation is fire as we discuss finding hope in some of the dark places of discomfort and how yoga has supported Naomi's pathway toward building community in LA.

Ep. 15
Falling apart to come together with Christine Job

Christine Job, business strategist and award-winning host of the "Flourish in the Foreign" podcast that celebrates, elevates, and affirms the voices & stories of Black women living and thriving abroad while exploring living abroad as a pathway to wellness. 

Christine Job_Photo Credit_ Helo Nuñez.jpg

Ep. 16
Being creating from within with Leslie Martinez

Leslie Martinez, the creator of Intentions Manifested, a free monthly email publication offering self-coaching guidance using the new moon's energies.Together we chat   Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) which is a much more serve form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Leslie Martinez - Intentions Manifested - Headshot 1.jpg

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