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Don't let fear of not belonging or not being worthy of good things keep you from being confident and authentic.

Change your self-doubt into self-confidence.

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March 25, 2023

Confident Latina Group Coaching

Shift from self-doubt to self-confidence with ease and balance.

I was where you are...

Los dichos, mejor no incomodar, la vida esta llena de sacrificos, eres muy presumeda, playing over and over in my head. I was afraid of not being enough, afraid of not belonging, and afraid that I didn't deserve good things in la vida. 

Imposter syndrome took away every moment of pride as I struggled to stay humbly quiet and addicted to the struggle of being a Latina.

In the wake of a divorce that broke my heart and spirit, I was starting over 3,000 miles away from my familia. My family didn’t understand why I would stay across the country instead of going home.


I needed to take the time to heal from the trauma and (re)learn who I was as a mujer. I was taught the limiting beliefs of powerlessness and inferiority through sayings like, “calladita se ve mas bonita.


Pero, I didn’t want to be calladita. I had a lot to say about what was expected of me as a daughter, mother, wife, and mujer. Through yoga, meditation, and therapy, I unlearned the limiting beliefs I was carrying from my Latina background. 


Now, I am a confident Latina living her most authentic vida as a mami, the first in my familia to go to college and earn a Ph.D., found my connection to spirit, and created this wellness space for other Latinas to do the same. 


So, does this sound familiar?

Have you ever...

...not said what you really think because you don't want to bother your co-workers, elders, friends, or love?

...thought your work wasn't "good enough" even though everyone around you thought you were a baddie?

Are you sick...

...of being addicted to the struggle of being a Latina?

...and more importantly, do you know you are capable of more than you think and need a comunidad to support you to see it?

swimming at dusk

So....what do you do?

…you either let your mami and papi tell you que estas loca for complaining about your office job.


…or you let the gay slur fly across the table during a game of loteria.


…or you do all the housework and childcare while looking hot and having dinner on the table as the bare minimum expectation of your role as la mujer de la casa.


...or you decide to finally wake up and begin observing your patterns in order to make some changes.


  • Clarity on who you are as a confident and authentic Latina

  • Determination to move towards your life goals

  • Identification of your career goals without burnout

  • Speak your truth even to familia who may have different views than you

  • Find purpose in la vida, your work, and your gifts

  • Inspire others to break generational cycles and build them up too

  • Be a proud Latina in all the spaces you enter

Audre Lorde said,

"When I dare to be powerful--to use my strength in the service of my vision--then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid."

Right now, it's the time to create your intention and narrative of how you want to show up en el mundo


Latina Confidence Group Coaching

A group coaching program designed for Latinas who want to build their confidence with a proven action plan, weekly support, and a small group of Latinas focused on living our most confident and authentic vidas.

  • Six weeks of live Zoom group coaching calls to help you identify your limiting beliefs and bust the story with a comunidad of Latinas who understand your cultura

  • Online course space, workbook, meditations, and yoga flows to identify limiting beliefs, re(write) our stories, and create action plans to show up as the best version of yourself.

  • Private comunidad where you can keep the chisme moving, surround yourself with like-minded Latinas to celebrate every step forward