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Are you ready to go from...

La Buena to La Amada
La Perfecta to La Loba
La Fuerte to La Chingona

Which Latina Personality type are you?

La Buena, La Fuerte, or La Perfecta.

Our cultura is todo fuego and teaches us how to show up in el mundo.

Como dice el dicho “calladita te ves mas bonita" is over! 

It's time for us to stop feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and exhausted. Let's bust down limiting belief systems and cultivate balance, peacefulness, and calm.


The first step is to find out your Latina Personality!

I'm Ready to Discover
My Latina Personality

Let's meet the different personalities that you may be right now. Learn how you can go from overwhelm, burnout, and exhaustion to balance, peacefulness, calm.

La Buena

Esta Latina puts others' feelings and needs above her own to the point of burnout or emotional trauma. Too much of a good thing can be bad.

La Buena.png
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La Fuerte

Esta Latina is always there for everyone else. She doesn't let anyone be there for her. She may struggle with vulnerability which can keep other people at a distance.

Copy of La Perfecta.png
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La Perfecta

Esta Latina does everything everyone else tells her to do. She may not know what she really wants because she is always doing what other people think is right.

Copy of See the good in yourself and in others. Cute girl. Motivational Instagram post.png
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Who Are You?

Learn more about the limiting beliefs we have that are holding us back from being our most authentic and confident selves! 

Dr. Kelly is here to support you!

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Latina, Mami, Yogi, Coach, Dr. Kelly Alvarado-Young Developed the Latina Personality Quiz Free For You! 

Como dece el dijo, " El que no tiene faltas, no tiene vida." We all have ideas about who we are and whom others think we are en la vida. Be confident in the Latina that you are by knowing which Latina personality you have been playing into and transform her into la Hermana you know you are inside. Vamos, claim your most authentic and confident self!


About the Latina Personality Quiz

The following personality quiz is based on the three personality types (La Buena, La Fuerte, La Perfecta) created by Dr. Kelly Alvarado-Young (KAY). According to Dr. Kelly, we may fall into one of the three personalities, especially when we are first-generation Latinas in a U.S. context who are close to immediate familia.


Before beginning this self-discovery journey, please remember that this quiz is not to label people. Our personalities are beautifully complex and dynamic. We are never only one type.

Also, while this personality type quiz was designed with great care and attention, it is not a professional personality test. So, have fun and use this as a starting place to learn more about cultivating a life of balance, peacefulness and calm. 


I had been under a huge amount of stress and needed space to regroup and get my mind right. After just one session Kelly gave me the tools to ground myself, be in the present moment, and calm my mind. It was truly restoring and I highly recommend her services to everyone. 


Confidence Starts Here

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