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Mindful Goals Group Coaching

Mindful Goals Group Coaching

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Authenticity and Confidence with Latina-Centered Mindfulness 


Your story is worthy and powerful of your own time. Want to focus on becoming identifying your 2024 goals in comunidad?


Mindful Goals Group Coaching is  6-week group coaching for Latinas who are done not creating goals that will help them create their most authentic lives. 


Together con tu Hermana’s, we will focus on learning about the power within that makes you a worthy of reaching for goals that are grounded in abundance and amor. 


Participate in group coaching sessions using Latina-centered mindfulness practices. You will re(write) your story into one of the archtypes of the La Amada, La Loba, La Chingona.

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    All sessions will be done via Zoom on Saturdays at 9a PDT.

Corporate and Organizational Sponsorships

Latinas stand to lose at least one million dollars over a lifetime. Even working full-time, Latinas make 57 centers per dollar compared to white non-Hispanic men. The impact of #layoff2023 will hit Latina women more due to the continued inequities in U.S. workplaces.

Donate to the Latina Confidence Scholarship to support those impacted by #layoff.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring the Latina Confidence Scholarship, please fill out our sponsorship information sheet.

Sponsorship opportunities include:


  • Co-branding on promotion materials

  • Social media promotion

  • Post-event follow-up


My name is Dr. Kelly Alvarado-Young 

La Brega Wellness is a space I created for Latinas to cultivate a pathway toward confidence and authenticity through yoga, meditation, and wellness coaching.

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