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La Brega Mindfulness Coaching

La Brega Mindfulness Coaching

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A hands-on 12-week program for Latinas who are proud of their cultura and want to learn how to live their most confident and authentic vida. During 1-on-1 sessions with Dr. Kelly, you are welcome to co-create an experience to meet your individual needs. 


  • It’s time you learn how to create a life where you evaluate, identify, and set goals to be your most authentic Latina self.

  • Dig deep into breaking generational cycles

  • Bust out of family expectations that don’t align with you

  • Gain clarity for what DOES align with you — possibly buried underneath long-ingrained family pressure and culture expectations

  • Choose your direction forward and plan the steps to get there


Includes six (6), 45 min,  1-on-1 sessions with Dr. Kelly to be scheduled during the 12 week period. 

    Corporate and Organizational Sponsorships

    Latinas stand to lose at least one million dollars over a lifetime. Even working full-time, Latinas make 57 centers per dollar compared to white non-Hispanic men. The impact of #layoff2023 will hit Latina women more due to the continued inequities in U.S. workplaces.

    Donate to the Latina Confidence Scholarship to support those impacted by #layoff.

    If your organization is interested in sponsoring the Latina Confidence Scholarship, please fill out our sponsorship information sheet.

    Sponsorship opportunities include:


    • Co-branding on promotion materials

    • Social media promotion

    • Post-event follow-up


    My name is Dr. Kelly Alvarado-Young 

    La Brega Wellness is a space I created for Latinas to cultivate a pathway toward confidence and authenticity through yoga, meditation, and wellness coaching.

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