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3 Communities that Support My Wellness Business

Being a Latina small business owner was not something I thought I would be doing EVER! I thought owning a business was for folxs who knew what products it was they wanted to sell or a business they wanted to franchise. The idea of having to take on the financial responsibility of a business seemed out of my wheelhouse.

Supporting small businesses in my town was fun, but they mostly existed as brick-and-mortar stores. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was given the gift of time and the chance to discover online businesses. I was able to get my certifications in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness coaching through My Vinyasa Practice. Just recently, I was also able to get my Reiki I and II practitioner certification from Reiki Master Libby Barnet, MSW.

Gaining new skills in these healing modalities made me think why not me? I wanted to help other Latinas cultivate pathways towards their healing. So, I took the plunge in 2022 to start La Brega Yoga Flow & Wellness. Without a community of other entrepreneurs, this journey would be very lonely. Here are the three that have made the biggest difference in my wellness business journey.

Business Communities

The Cosmic Calling Community has been the ultimate resource for me as a spiritual entrepreneur & creative soul on a mission to find my gifts & share them with the world. Learning to read my birth chart and my business's birth chart has been so helpful in using the stars ✨ to align my business decisions. I have learned how to lean into my strengths and natural-born talents. Plus, this amazing group of people is so uplifting and supportive of me and my business. Community is important!

With a full-time job, being a Mami, wife, hermana, and doing multiple other things on my to-do list, I don't have time to poke in the dark about how to get my business off the ground. I have loved working with the team at Hello Funnels in putting together my business. The experts (hi, Keely Reese!) I have worked with copywriting, automations, social media, and mindset coaching have given me 1:1 help. Plus, the Hello Funnels team is based out of Australia, so I fan girl every time I hear them giving me amazing business advice.

When I started down the path of getting my business up and running I reached out to my local Score office in Spokane, Washington. SCORE Spokane exists to strengthen the small business community through their experienced mentors who offer free, high-quality counseling and mentoring, and small business workshops. Talking to the mentors helped me demystify the process of putting together a business proposal, applying for a business license, and opening a business bank account. The information they share on minority-owned and women-owned businesses from the local and federal levels is very helpful for showing me all of the opportunities out there.

Advice for Aspiring Online Entrepreneurs

Identify folxs that inspire you and invest in your success

Instagram connected me to all of these amazing resources. I started following their information because it was helpful. I sent DMs asking for other resources and finding more out about their programs. The investment in my business is an investment in myself.

Learn about your local, state, and federal regulations

Getting yourself a license, insurance, and registering your business helps to protect your skills and knowledge. I love knowing that no one can use my business name or my products without my consent. Whenever possible, I want the information I put out into the world to remain in its most creative form.

Share with me in the comments what questions you have about being a wellness entrepreneur!

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