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Latina Mental Health Summer Checklist

Summer 2022 is the first one where I am not in a day job that is jam-packed with stress. I am in a professional job serving in HR overseeing global onboarding for a large tech company. It’s 100% remote and allows me the flexibility in my schedule to be the best mami, wife, professional, small business owner, and mujer. Sure there are days when I feel that I don’t have enough time or that I could have done better. But, my employer is kickass that we truly live out the values of caring for ourselves and others. The idea of working for a company that wants you to bring your full self to work is lived out by my employer. You can learn more about my day job on LinkedIn.

Three goals are on my summer to-do list

1. Be present

There are so many birthdays, weddings, and gatherings that happen during the summer.

I have usually been there physically but mentally checked out. This summer I am going to practice mindful awareness. When I start to feel like I am slipping into what else should or could be doing I will do a 3-2-1 mindfulness exercise. You can do this silently to yourself or out loud. First, I will name three things that I see. Then, I will name two things that I smell. Finally, I will name one thing I can touch. I’ll keep doing that until I feel I am in the present.

2. Focus on sharing space with other Latinas

My work environment has been the main place where I have connected with other Latinas. However, I want to connect with more Latinas not just about our careers, but also about how we live our most authentic lives through yoga, meditation, and coaching. I am going to do this through the Wellness Chisme Chat podcast guest interviews (yo, come share the Chisme with me!). Also, I am going to be preparing for the Latina Mindfulness Coaching Program which is going to be a small group coaching experience with other Latinas. Watch out for more on this program!

3. Be compassionate

The “freedom” of not having to work 70 hours a week for a day job can give me a lot of “free time”. The time that I might have been working on my laptop for the job I now don’t know how to fill. My anxiety makes me always worried about the future. Pero, I just need to focus on the now. If I want to sit and watch a Marvel movie, I’m going to do it. Instead of saying I should be “productive” I am going to listen to what my soul needs that day. Maybe it’s chillin’ or being active. Whatever my mind, body, and spirit need to be in connection. I will commit to enjoying this summer.

Those are three really big shifts in the way I have lived summers for the last seven years. Tell me in the comments what goals are you setting for yourself?


Podcast Guest Openings

You are invited to join me as a guest on the Wellness Chisme Chat Podcast! In a 45-minute chit chat you share your personal definition of wellness. Looking forward to sharing the chisme with you soon!

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