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How Yoga Became My Amigx De La Vida

Some people are always there to support you. These are the people I refer to as my amigx de la Vida. No matter the distance, the time that has passed, and whether you have checked out each other’s IG feed, these folxs are like home for your soul.

The last year has been about reestablishing a community as I dove in and out of various spaces. I have built a community in my educational, personal, yoga, and IG spaces. It feels true when they say that people come in and out of your life when you most need them.

Yoga has been an amigx de la Vida that is always there for me. There are days or weeks when my ability to get on the mat is more like a text sent to a friend a few days later when I remember, “oh yeah, I read the message but forgot to respond.” Yoga is kind, compassionate, flexible, and ready to listen to just what I need.

Le digo ha mi amigx, Yoga, yo, it’s been a tough week. I didn’t make it to the mat because I didn’t have the energy to roll that mat out. I was exhausted from the gaslighting, misunderstandings, and macro aggressions I faced throughout the day. Yoga reminds me that they are there beyond the mat. In my breath, I can move energy up and down my spine. I can harness the current moment by reconnecting my mind and body through mindfulness. In practicing ahimsa, I can find the space for patience for those I want to say, F this all too.

No me diga, Yoga, I am building community without the asanas by focusing on meditations.Yoga is more than the poses. You are so much deeper of an amigx that even though you can’t give me that hug, wipe away my tears, or give me that post-COVID fist bump, you know just how to fill mi corazón.

Community, amigx de la Vida, is always there for you. Not just physically, but through the connection to the mind, body, and soul. Gracias por acompañarme, being by my side no matter what. BIPOC folx needs to continue to build a wellness community within ourselves. El mundo will try to tear us down, and finding that energy through Yoga is a way of cultivating a pathway towards wellness.

Call to action….

Feel free to reach out to me via my Instagram @labregayoga and send me a DM about your wellness community.

  • How are you building community with your Yoga practice beyond the asana?

  • How is your Yoga practice helping you stand up against oppression, racism, and other isms?

Ahora, keep doing what you are doing, mujxr. You are strong and build a life on the foundation of your ancestors. They have fought and kept going through la brega so that you can keep on keeping on. ¡Dalé!

Dr. KAY doing hero's pose which is kneeling on the ground. She is surounded by a pink circe with the text below reading yoga aiga de la vida @labregayoga
How Yoga Became My Amigx De La Vida

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