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3 Questions Finding a Latina Yoga Space

The reason I created La Brega Yoga Flow & Meditation was to answer the question:

Is there a place that I can be Latina AND be a yogi?

Si, that place is here in this yoga, meditation, and mindfulness coaching . I wanted to be a part of a comunidad where I could talk el Espanglish. This is a space that as I reflect on what I need to release, can be things like:

  1. Carrying the weight of having the weight of carrying my family and ancestor’s dreams from Puerto Rico on my back

  2. A place to complicate my thinking on the internalized horizontal oppression and how I can show up for Black and Indigenous Womxn+ of color

  3. Identify that I am not alone in this journey. There are other womxn+ who are going through similar experiences where we are both from here and there.

The latest way that I plan on sharing my skills and experience is through mindfulness coaching. I am in the final stages of mindfulness coaching training. This process involves working with a chignonx mujxr who will evaluate, identify, set goals, educate and measure growth.

The goal is to work with a person to observe without judgement while identifying how to break from old papers that reenforce hurt and trauma. Our perception of the world is built by the way we are socialized through the messages direct and indirect. Learning to identify what your truth is so that you can use it as a strength is the ultimate goal of mindfulness coaching.

Join me in this process as I give tips on how to coach yourself through these things of life that we experience as Latina womxn+. La Brega is always there, but we don’t have to figure it out alone.

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