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Wellness Chisme Chat Podcast Episode 5: Wellness Means...Fitness

You get a special 2 for 1 podcast episode!

Wellness Chisme Chat podcast episode #5 we welcome Chad & Camesha Little who define wellness as fitness. They share their journey of living a holistic fitness journey as individuals and as a couple. Together they have navigated health scares, weight, and developed a shared love of jam skating. Listen to now to hear all the chisme!

Time Stamps

  • 4:08 Definition of Wellness as Fitness

  • 5:48 Areas of Wellness

  • 9:14 Challenges Faced

  • 16:00 Finding Hope

  • 19:20 Consejos (Advice)

Resources Mentioned During the Show

Counseling Services for BI&POC Folx

Multicultural Counseling

The Washington Counselors of Color Network serves an array of ethnic clients needing counseling and therapy from providers who understand the specific needs of people of color and various cultures. As licensed therapists and counselors, we have a variety of backgrounds, experiences, ethnicities and language skills needed to assist many ethnicities in Washington.



Guest Contact Info

Chad Little on IG @clittle5023

Camesha Little on LinkedIn

Let's Share Some Chisme

Interested in being a guest on the Wellness Chisme Chat? Book a spot to tell your story of what wellness means to you.

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